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scooter rental phuket

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scooter rental phuket

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Good to know about renting a bike in Phuket

Always ask about the insurance you’ll get with your rented motorbike. Most shops provide only the bare minimum government insurance, which covers the rider for medical costs up to 15,000 baht. This means that you’ll need to pay for any damage to the bike and expenses from an accident.

scooter rental phuket

Bigger and more reputable rental shops may have more scooter rental phuket comprehensive coverage, but the cost per day will also be higher. The shop should provide you with at least 1 helmet, though this may come at a small additional cost (about 20 baht).

Paying for petrol is your responsibility – most motorbikes use ’91’ (which denotes the octane level), which costs from 30 baht per litre from petrol stations. The price per litre from standalone pumps and roadside stalls selling whiskey bottles filled with fuel is usually higher. The bike must be returned containing the bwin33  same amount (or more) of petrol or you might risk losing some of your deposit.
Driving a motorbike in Phuket

Motorbike accidents are among the most common causes of injury for tourists visiting Phuket.

The roads can be very dangerous, particularly to foreign scooter rental phuket tourists who aren’t used to the idiosyncratic nature of Thai driving. With adequate motorcycle and vigilance, it’s entirely possible to explore the island without mishap.

scooter rental phuket

You need to motorcycle a Thai or international driving license to ride a motorbike in Thailand. A fine of about 400 baht is charged if you’re caught without one. Helmets are required for both the rider and passengers. Police might stop you if you’re

driving around in just your swimsuit, though they rarely fine you – they’ll just ask you to put a T-shirt on. Police checkpoints are common around the tourist hubs of Phuket, particularly Patong, Karon and Kamala.

The roads in Phuket are quite old, many of which have potholes and unnoticeable bumps, so it’s best to drive slowly and motorcycle efully. Flat tyres are common,

but you can replace them at scooter rental phuket one of the many repair shops around the island. Regardless of how good a driver you are, your biggest threat usually comes from other road users – be wary of vehicles coming up behind you or out of small junctions.